1. shank

    Knotmeter and Depth Sounder Replacements

    It was -17F here in Vermont last night so of course I'm thinking about the upcoming boating season. I have an 82 Catalina 27 with the original knotmeter and depth sounder. They both work very sporadically and I want to replace them with some instruments that are more modern and reliable. I'm...
  2. J

    Help with B&G systems

    Hey everyone, I have a S2 9.2c and we currently have a B&G Vulcan 7 chart plotter. Recently the depth has stopped displaying. I thought it was the NMEA 2000 cable that had some water and oxidation but I replaced the cable and the depth doesn’t show. If you have any suggestions on what to fix...
  3. S

    Spacer for Transducer?

    Hey all - I'm working up the courage to install my new Airmar B619 through hull transducer, and trying to find every reason to put it off (half joking). My question is why I see people using a piece of wood as a spacer when installing through hulls? The Airmar came with a plastic/rubber...
  4. A

    Upgrade Wind Instraments

    Hello All, I bought a 1980 Oday 30. The wind reader has never worked. The current electronics are via Signet which is 40 years old. If I were to upgrade to a new Raymarine wind reader, would I also need to climb the mast and replace the transmitter with the same brand? Thanks for looking, Jim
  5. SVPardonMyFrench

    transducer change... water spout....

    my airmar DST joined the fate of many others... I thought some would enjoy 25 seconds of action replacing it... all ended well. We had all necessary plugs near by... It's key to be placed right above the hole to slide the transducer back-in. First tried to do it an angle, and that was a bad idea...
  6. Slartibartfass

    Transducer installation

    Used plumbers putty so far to put the transducer in the forward lazarette in the cabin but it gets loose over time. Epoxy any good? Thoughts....?
  7. G

    Hull thickness on Hunter 34

    I am a new owner of a Hunter 34 built in 1986. I need to have an in-hull transducer mounted, but there are restrictions on the thickness of the fiberglass for this shoot-through device to function accurately. Anybody have any idea what the below-the-waterline hull thickness is? Can't seem to...
  8. T

    Using old through-hull transducer with new tech

    1989 Hunter 30...looks to be the original transducer. Looking to upgrade the nav systems and I'm curious if its even possible to use this transducer until my haul-out in the Spring. Thank you!!
  9. E

    Replacing an old AutoHelm BIDATA depth and speed electronic

    I bought my 1993 Hunter 23.5 used two years ago. It came with an AutoHelm BIDATA device for measuring depth and speed. It's connected to a in-hull transducer (no hole in the boat). The depth measurement works fine, but the display is worn out and very hard to read which is driving my desire...
  10. E

    Hunter 23.5 Transducer Info

    Bought my 1993 Hunter 23.5 two years ago. Starting to tackle major upgrades. Top of the list is to replace the depth & speed electronic instrument (an "AutoHelm" - possibly original to the boat with old style LCD display). I did not look over the hull before I put the boat in the water this...
  11. rukidn

    Multifunction Display: CHIRP Sonar Transducer

    We've been thinking of adding a MultiFunction Display (MFD). Primary use will be chartplotter and CHIRP Down Vision sonar. With Brio's fin keel and 6' draft, We'd like to see the rocks and wayward refrigerators on the bottom of Lake Erie while navigating at low speed. We've twice bumped off of...