Hunter 23.5 Transducer Info

Sep 14, 2015
Hunter 23.5 Montross
Bought my 1993 Hunter 23.5 two years ago. Starting to tackle major upgrades. Top of the list is to replace the depth & speed electronic instrument (an "AutoHelm" - possibly original to the boat with old style LCD display). I did not look over the hull before I put the boat in the water this year to see if it has a in-hull transducer or a through-hull transducer.

Can someone else who knows this boat well let me know if it was manufactured with a through-hull transducer? If my boat doesn't already have a through-hull transducer, my plan would be to remove the existing in-hull transducer which I assume is expoxied in place and replace it with the new transducer in the exact same spot. Tips or advice from someone who's tackled this same job before are welcome!


Jun 8, 2004
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That boat came with no electronics on it and what you have is either dealer or owner supplied/installed.
Not sure if you have a thru hull transducer or one that is attached to the hull. How about advising and then we can go from there. Photo if any?