1. R

    13- 15 presses on start button before cold Diesel Starts

    I have a 1984 O'Day 28 with a Universal M-12 two cylinder 11 HP inboard diesel. I have new batteries and the fuel tank has been scrubbed recently (~18 months ago). I'm having starting issues. Here is what happens... I hold the glow plug button for 30 seconds then bump the starter button while...
  2. NM

    Intermittent start issue

    OK, so we’re the proud new owners of an O’Day 34’ with Universal 25, which may or may not start, towed in yesterday than an hour later started just fine. Tried test push of start button, nothing happens. Starter rebuilt last year. Any trouble shooting suggestions?
  3. Ken13559

    Add starting relay

    I would like to fit an additional starting relay as I'm tired of the "hit or miss" starting issue with my Yanmar 2GM20F. Could anyone share their setup wiring diagram with me? Much appreciated. :)