rudder advice

  1. P

    1980 H27 Cherubini Rudder Removal

    I recently acquired a 1980 H27 Cherubini. The rudder was snapped of during the last hurricane. I was wondering if anyone has removed one and would you have any pointers before I start to remove whats left of the rudder post. I am also insearch of one. Any information would be greatly...
  2. murrayabbott

    Rudder is lower than my keel

    Hi. I have a 45DS and the rudder is lower that the keel. I was surprised to see this and am worried that in a grounding I could loose my rudder. Has anyone modified their rudder to make it a little shorter? If so did it have much of an affect on handling?
  3. S

    Moisture in rudder

    I'm in the process of purchasing my first sailboat. The boat is a 1988 32 foot Oday. I'm told there is elevated moisture in the rudder but expected for a boat this age. Is this something I need to be concerned about and have repaired immediately or is it something I can monitor and have it...
  4. jimcarlisle

    Rudder lift lines are frayed

    My Hunter 18 has two 1/8" lines on the rudder - to tie it down or lift it. When I leave my boat on the mooring, I leave the rudder on, since it is difficult to remove, it is heavy and there is some risk of dropping any of the pins or even the whole rudder in the lake. I typically try to tie...
  5. C

    New Tiller / Rudder Advice for a 26D

    I recently purchased a '90 26D and quickly noticed that the rudder and tiller were in need for replacement as they were original and beat up badly. On this site, there are several options that I can choose for ordering, but in reading, I ran across several owners who made comments like...