rub rail

  1. JamesG161

    Cutting my Rub Rail

    When our Boat was Lifted of shore from... Repairing boat after Hurricane Zeta Sea Tow had a awkward position to properly lift the boat and caused this damage. 1) Any thoughts or reasons not to cut the Rub Rail at the Green Line and roll the Rub Rail out the way, for that minor hull fix? If...
  2. 1soonsailing


    hi guys any information on where to buy replacement rub rail for my bristol. im trying to get it blavk in color since the white one shows mold. any info appreciated. thx C
  3. Bfranchini

    26S rub rail restauration?

    after a real lousy summer here in the Montreal area, we are just about ready to bring Egret home for some fall maintenance and improvements. Prior to painting the hull, I would like to restore the rub rail and I would appreciate some advice from someone who has done this before. At first sight...
  4. Sacto Dave

    Rub rail insert replacement struggle

    maybe it is my heat intolerance, but this rub rail insert is a pain. Two inches at a time, this is as far as I got in an hour. My arms hurt and my fingers are sore. Pictures of the old and the new.
  5. JamesG161

    Rub Rail Caulking?

    After searching the forum for "Do's and Don't" I found a lot of variation on caulking but was mainly on installation. Rub rail design is as varied as boat construction and size. I am not even sure of how my boat deck hull is fastened and water proofed to the main hull. You can see where...