roller furler

  1. C

    Harken roller furler Mark 1

    Our 1985 Hunter 31came with a Harken Mark 1 furler. It worked fine until the yard kinked one of the foils with the lift. Harken no longer stocks foils for the Mark 1. I would like to locate two in case the yard doesn't make good on their damage. Does anyone have any?
  2. J

    Roller Furl Problem

    I have an '88 C-22 with a Harken roller furl system. The Jib on it is a 135. Recently I did some repairs and line replacements on my vessel. One of the repairs was to replace the top shackle of my forestay (it had a crack). After stepping the mast back in place and re-tuning the standing...

    Roller Furler forJib

    I have a 1984, Hunter 25.5 and I'd like to explore installing a Roller Furler on the jib. I'm hoping to do this for under $500...closer to $300 if possible. I'm not sure if that's doable or not? I plan to install myself. Nonetheless, can any of you recommend a brand and any specific details...
  4. M

    Abandonned roller furler

    Hello guys! Just reaching out to you to get more toughts on my side. I recently bought a boat with hanks headsails. I am mostly going to sail single handed and was looking foward to get my hands on a furling system. Fortunately for me there is an abandonned sailboat(bigger than mine) at the...
  5. Randall Schmidt

    Furling Foresail

    I have a 1984 O’Day 28 with a jib furler. It seems a bit odd to my repair shop and to me in that the furling spoil is not directly on the bow. Rather, it is some 12 – 18 inches higher and connected with 2 flat metal extension pieces (with holes). See the photo. The nice thing about this is...
  6. S

    Need help trouble shooting and identifying my roller furler

    Does any one know what style of brand roller furler this is ? I have looked all around it and it has not name or numbers to help me identify it. Also it does not seem to function properly, the top piece will not travel up the tracks, it gets stuck and the tracks have gaps in between them, when I...