1. shaun12345

    Cut off instrument mounts on steering pedestal?

    I’ve got a 1980 Hunter 30 Cherubini that I’m doing a steering pedestal overhaul on. As part of this I‘ve removed the two big instrument enclosures on either side of the pedestal that housed broken LCD displays for depth and speed - I can get this info off the Garmin display that will mount on...
  2. shaun12345

    Compass Mount for Hunter 30

    I’ve got a 1980 Hunter 30 (Cherubini) - in the process of overhauling its steering pedestal. I’m planning on replacing the broken control head with this part. Need to replace the compass too because it’s broken and looking for a way to mount it to the control head. Originally there was a sort of...
  3. S

    Sliding steering wheel

    the steering wheel on mye Beneteau 350 (1997) is sliding back and forth in the pedestal. I cannot see what is missing or if anyting is actually missing on the axle. Should the chain be moved forward or should there be a sleeve or something stopping the axle to slide? I very much appreciate some...
  4. limbodog

    How to hunt down hull seam leaks?

    1985 Hunter 40. So this seems like it could be my biggest issue. Everything else I can get my head around what to do about it, but this one has me worried. I see 4 places where water comes in when it rains. All of them are in the aft cabin. #1 drip is coming in on the starboard side...
  5. F

    Throttle Creep/ Stiff throttle

    Hunter 34 with YS pedestal. I am unable to tighten the throttle cable clamp sufficiently to overcome the Yanmar 3GM30 return spring. Is this a problem with the governor? I have tried multiple fixes such as a throttle opening spring. adding friction makers to the cable, etc. I wonder how...
  6. Douglas Ronne

    1977 Hunter 33 Pedestal Backing Plate replacement

    I recently ran into some trouble at sea when one of the idler pulleys ripped out of the backing plate. Looking up some info seems to indicate that the pedestal is made by Merriman/ Yachting Systems and that they are defunct and you cannot get parts anymore. Further, it looks like the pulleys are...
  7. C

    Engine / Steering Control

    After a pleasant lunch with my wife and another couple at a waterside restaurant, “us guys” got back on my Hunter Cherubini 37 1980 and started backing away under power. Putting the shift lever in forward caused the lever to swing free (engine still in reverse) and the wheel to spin free (pull...
  8. X

    340 pedestal light bulb replacement

    Bought a 1999 H340. Missing the light bulb in front of the cockpit pedestal that lights the cockpit sole. What bulb would replace it? Is there an LED that would work? Thanks!
  9. OS2Dude

    Pedestal compass & electronics

    Our 1985 Catalina 30 has an old (Aqua Marine?) pedestal compass and it no longer works. The card is always at an angle and it does not spin very well. I have taken it apart several times, and a few of the clips that hold the card to the rest are damaged and it easily comes off the pivot point...