1. Good Vibes

    Outboard motor rail mount

    Good day all. We are looking to carry our 6hp motor on our stern rail. I’ve looked at several mount options but the curve in the seat rail doesn’t allow placement in what I would have thought the obvious choice. Any suggestions on a mount type or better placement? Thanks!
  2. shaun12345

    Compass Mount for Hunter 30

    I’ve got a 1980 Hunter 30 (Cherubini) - in the process of overhauling its steering pedestal. I’m planning on replacing the broken control head with this part. Need to replace the compass too because it’s broken and looking for a way to mount it to the control head. Originally there was a sort of...
  3. duck21

    Standard Horizon CP150 Mounting

    Hello, My boat came with a Standard Horizon CP150 GPS/Chartplotter mounted on a bracket attached to the stainless rail on my pedestal. However, the plastic mounting point on the CP150 housing broke (see the attached picture), and I don't currently have the room/setup to install a flush mount...
  4. S

    What GPS unit fits this mount?

    I need help identifying an old GPS mount to find out what model GPS unit fits it. Otherwise, I'll remove all the wiring. The GPS antenna is Garmin and the connector seems to be a Garmin proprietary 6-pin flat according to this: 6 pin Garmin proprietary connector @ I contacted Garmin...
  5. judgeyoung

    Rudder mount for trailer

    I am certain this has been discussed, but I can't seem to find a correct thread. I built a new rudder for my Coronado 23-II and it turned out great. Now I need a place to store, transport, and secure the rudder when I am trailering or storing my boat. I can figure out how to construct one, but...
  6. Leeward Rail

    Anyone have experience with Sunforce/Coleman Solar Panels ?

    Good Morning :) I picked up a Coleman 40 watt Mono-Cristalline Solar Panel with Charger Controller for $75 USD ($95 CAD). It looks like it may work for mounting on the stern, without getting in the way. The panel is 31"x14"x1" in...
  7. E

    Oday Javelin Motor Mount

    I have a 1979 Oday Javelin that I would like to install a motor mount for a Minnkota trolling motor. I am having a hard time finding a motor mount that I think would work due to the location of the seating in the boat. Has anyone out there installed a motor mount on a Javelin? I'd like to know...