1. A

    H376 composting toilet install

    One of our first projects as new owners was to replace the tired marine head (and accompanying systems) with a composting unit. We chose the C Head line of products after a lot of research and comparisons. And then after some measuring and estimating we figured their Wedged Back model would...
  2. StanDragon

    Hunter 40 Legend 1985 macerator position?

    Hi guys, My macerator pump is not coming on any more. I would like to check it but could not locate it. Removed sole on aft holding tank and it looks just like posted here: Find a small leak on one...
  3. Tim Mills

    H36 2004 macerator and waste tank

    I have finally tracked down my sewer odor to the waste macerator pump next to the tank at the stern. There appears to be a tiny amount of seepage at a seam in the housing. This has got to be the most difficult inaccessible part of the boat. I can barely touch the thing The pump does not...
  4. D

    With environmental laws, should I just remove the macerator or bypass it?

    Purchased a Catalina 30 and I am slowly replacing the water and black water systems. A new macerator seems senseless if I can't use. Should remove it and bypass it?
  5. Tricky

    Troubleshooting weird (I think) macerator issue

    I have a macerator hooked up to my gray water tank, and up until last week it worked, no problems. Last week however, I noticed the macerator wasn't coming on like it normally does. In the gray water tank is a standard bilge float switch that activates when the tank starts getting full. There is...