hurricance season 2021

  1. JamesG161

    Invest 97L ---> TS Elsa

    Tracking models are on the map now, but differ. ____________________________ For Reference... GFS = NOAA or Government which Focuses on USA It is assigned a Slot in World Wide Weather that slot is "L" for Atlantic Side Thus Invest 97L ECMWF = European Models, but has grown as a...
  2. JamesG161

    Invest 92L + PTC-3 --> TS Claudette

    INVESTigation 92L has been on the Modeling Radar, so to speak, for many days. There is a elongated LOW pressure with the Tropical storm characteristics in the Southern Gulf of Mexico. I am sure your Weather apps and Facebook Alarms have all Alerted most. Invest 92L is struggling from HIGHs off...
  3. JamesG161

    More 2021 Forecasts

    Colorado State University has been Forecasting Hurricane Seasons for many years. They are more bold in their Statistical Modeling reporting. Here is some of excerpts from their report. They just revised it and it is a bit less. Probability of a hit near you. A very sensitive input...