hunter 240

  1. patbratton

    mast raising pole attachment

    can anyone affirm that the pole simply inserts into a one inch hole drilled into the mast? It looks like, from researching other posts, that my gin pole should attach to a stainless bracket in front of the mast. my boat is a '98 and Hunter was scrambling because of Z-Spar leaving. Masts were...
  2. S

    Mast setup

    Hi there, I am completely new to Sailing and just bought a legend 240! plan to have lesson before going on the water of course. I have a few questions. Firstly there are two cables on the last that I can't work out what they are for. see image they are the two unattached hanging down the last...
  3. C

    Hunter 240 dry weigths

    I bought a 2003 hunter 240 ~2 mouths ago. After a long trip(~2200 miles round trip), I noted that it was not towing as expected for my car(Volvo XC60 2020 T5, 3500lb towing, 350lb on ball). The towing issues where high engine rpm on hwy(>3500 at 65 to 70mph, vs about 2000 with out boat) and sway...