deck core

  1. N

    Looking at buying a boat, concerned about deck moisture levels

    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a Hunter 34 which is in good condition aside from a small crack in the keel, however seems to have quite a bit of moisture in the deck. According to the survey (which was done in 2016, mind you) everything is solid, but moisture readings are showing at least...
  2. B

    Hunter 170 Mast Step - More Rotten Plywood

    So I'm working on the deck of A Hunter 170 and there was a need to remove the metal Mast Tabernacle. The screws were very loose, so much so that I was able to remove the screws with just my fingers. The wet wood smell hit me right away. There was trouble down below. The repair is going to...
  3. Marlow Currie

    O'day 240 background

    Hi everyone, I am a new owner of a O'Day 240 1989. No manual so i am looking for one. Interested in the Pearson relationship and how the boat design and materials may have been influenced (if at all). Want to determine the hull and deck composition and any one who has experience with...
  4. finefurn

    Rebedding Toe rail

    I just purchased a Cherubini H27, I'm planning on re-bedding all on the deck hardware. Does the deck wood core extend under the aluminum toe rail?