1. S

    Chart-plotter Installation Location

    Hello all! My wife and I are the new owners of a 1985 Catalina 27 (tiller-controlled). We bought the boat knowing that it's got a defective Signet Marine SL172 depth sounder (either that or the transducer, not sure). We recently acquired a Garmin Echomap 74cv plus. It seems that any...
  2. J

    Chartplotter Visibility

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and just purchased a 2013 Oceanis 45. It seems that the positioning of the Cartplotter, between the wheels and low down is hard to read when keeping an eye on depth changes in new harbors. By zooming in, I am shortening the distance I'm viewing, therefore limiting...
  3. E

    Garmin GPSMAP 3205 to Raymarine Autohel ST7000

    Hunter 42 purchased with Garmin GPSMAP 3205 chartplotter that that did not work. Found a 3205 on Ebay. Works well. Trying to connect to ST 7000 autohelm. Guy working on it wants to know if the 3205 ever worked with the ST7000. Anybody know?
  4. catawbahunter

    Raymarine GPS "No Fix"

    I have a C Series Raymarine chartplotter, all Raymarine instruments, and (I believe) a Raystar 125 GPS on my new-to-me 2006 Hunter 36. Everything worked on our inaugural trip, and now we have the bimini and dodger installed and most of the other bugs worked out except..... now the chartplotter...