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    Bulkhead and chainplate water damage.

    Okay guys I’m in a pickle. I was given an 25’ O’day in hopes of fixing it up and getting it on the water. A close family friends death was the reason of this gift and I would love to honor what he had planned for this boat. I have sailed many small boats and a few larger boats but at the time of...
  2. 2021.0513 U-bolt angle

    2021.0513 U-bolt angle

    showing preferred angle for having 5/16" or 8-mm stainless-steel Wichard/West Marine U-bolts bent for installation through factory toerail for use as chainplates for Hunter 25. Copy this; it works great.
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    Pearson 39-2 1988 chainplate removal

    I bought the Pearson 39-2. Standing rigging needs immediate replacement so the mast will be taken down soon. This means we need to pull the chainplates to check for corrosion and water intrusion around them while the mast is down. Only problem is that its not clear how to remove the...
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    Question regarding chainplates

    Have a 1999 Beneteau 381, and the chainplate on the port side is showing rust on the horizontal rod that the U-shaped end of the Tie-Rod connects. Apparent leak in the chainplate decking mount. That horizontal rod (no idea what it is called) is now a safety concern, and it seems to be glassed...
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    Chainplate removal w/ Mast up

    Does anyone have experience or knowledge regarding pulling to 2 main chainplates for the top mast shrouds? I have one out for plate and backing plate replacement. The fabricator wants both or about 2 times the money for one at a time. I just started this research and don't have any other...