boom vang

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    O'Day 272LE Mainsheet

    The mainsheet system and boom vang on a boat I have bought are missing and I would like to replace them. Does anyone have recommendations for the mainsheet blocks, boom vang and rigging both for access from the cockpit.
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    O'day Widgeon Rigging and Centerboard video

    Here is a Video I made where I go over the rigging and a few other things including how the centerboard works with my 1974 Widgeon. I hope it will be helpful.
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    Boom angle for in mast furling

    Our 2004 Hunter 41 came equipped with a solid Vang that is as compressed as far as possible so that the boom cannot be lowered any further. I expect this is due to the fact that the boom has to clear the fixed stainless arch. And the mast-end gooseneck has to be in its current position due to...
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    Irwin 25 - boom vang and bilge pump

    Does anyone have experience with an Irwin 25? I have two main questions (and 100,000,000 other questions): 1) Mine didn't come with an automatic bilge pump and appears to not ever have been set up with one. There's no tubing and it doesn't appear that there ever was as there's no obvious...
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    Boom vang for Hunter 260

    I just bought a used 2004 Hunter 260 boat, but it comes without Boom vang, somebody can help me to know the specifications of the right Boom vang for that boat? Thank you!