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Ranger 12'

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by jdgmbi1, Jan 5, 2015. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. jdgmbi1


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    I know enough about sailing to be actually not even that much.

    I have acquired a Ranger 12' sailing dingy. It is probably 30+ years old, but really I don't know.
    I am in the process of trying to quasi restore it and it has been almost impossible to find anything information on this size of Ranger. I can find the 9' Minto and all the Rangers over 20', but nothing on this one. I do know this is a Ranger and it came from the Kent, WA factory.

    Has anyone heard of, or know of this size Ranger? Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. See attached photo

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  2. 31seahorse


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    Hello jdgmbi1,

    Welcome to the Sailboatowners site since it seems you now are one! [OOPS! I see you are a long-time member.]

    Look on the transom of the boat to see whether you can find a series of letters and numbers as a code stamped into the hull. That might indicate the company that made your 12 foot long model they called a Ranger. I looked for the Ranger manufactured boats and found one as small as 16 feet, but it is not very similar to your boat.
    Your boat looks like a reasonable daysailor to learn to sail. It also looks as though it would be a very "salty" dinghy to tow along behind a larger sailboat. It appears to have oar locks along the gunwales. It is also simple enough that there would not be too much restoring required assuming it doesn't leak or have rigging in poor condition.

    Are there a rudder and a tiller plus a centerboard included? Basically, I like the lapstrake design of the hull. Enjoy your boat.

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  3. jdgmbi1


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    US Tacoma
    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes. The dingy came with a rudder (gel coat over wood), center board (gel coat over fiberglass), 18' aluminum mast, 9' foot boom and a main and jib sail- Which by the look of the sail fabric, has never been installed and used. All the wood is teak and the screws are either stainless,copper, with brass oar holders. It is set up as a rower and actually does quite well in that task. Has a great glide to it.
    There are numbers that are embossed into the stern area. I do know though, it is in fact a Ranger Dingy built by the company that was in Kent, WA. I just can't find anything on this size that was made by them. It seems to focus on the 8' Minto they made and then jumps to the 16' and 20'. How would I go about researching to find out what the numbers mean?

    Thanks again for your feed back.

  4. Misogi


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    Ranger 12
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    I've got a Ranger 12 up in Bellingham. I bought it from a guy who had another one, and I think he used mine as a parts boat because it only came with the mast and some old sails off a Vanguard. I tried to find out where to buy the rest of the rig for it, and came across the same problem you did; there's barely any information online. There's definitely at least three of them, including yours!

    Although I can't speak for the Ranger's sailing abilities, I've set mine up with sculling oars and row it daily on Bham Bay for exercise. It's amazingly stable and dry for such a small boat. I got caught out in some 3' chop at one point, and although I wouldn't really want to repeat the experience, I certainly didn't feel unsafe.

    Oh, the transom on mine is plywood and not covered with fiberglass on the top, so if yours is the same way you probably want to re-bed that teak cap rail on the transom before the plywood gets wet and starts to rot. I learned that the hard way.

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  5. lndsc


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    Hi jdgmbi1,
    I just bought an R12 on craigslist that is not the one in Bellingham, so there's another one out there kicking around. Mine came with the original bill of sale (originally sold in 1974) and a single-page brochure that looks like this:
    Unfortunately that's about all I know. Please let me know if you have found any great sources of info. It seems like a nice boat.

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  6. jssailem


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    You guys should speak with the northwest wooden boats folks in Port Townsend. Seems to me I saw a similar boat there when I visited last month.

  7. lndsc


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    Ranger 12
    Un Seattle Seattle
    Are there any owner's groups for the larger Ranger sailboats, like the Ranger 20? Do you think they'd have any info on the R-12?

  8. Alan Day

    Alan Day

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    Ranger of Kent, WA Ranger 12
    US Carlsbad , CA Federal Way, WA
    Ranger Sailboats - Kent, Washington . Located on old 99 - built the Ninto, the Ranger 12, 26 and lastly, the Sea Dory. "Smitty" was the owner until he passed away. According to him the Ranger 12 is a one design, direct copy of an English racing class of wooden lapstrake hulls. Smitty was permitted to take a mold from one of these hulls provided that he would not disturb the class by selling his fiberglass boats in England. I owned one of three that had been confiscated from the infamous Bhagwan Rajneesh Cult located in eastern Oregon in the '80s. The boat was marked with large black letters that read "Bhagwan" which Smitty removed before I took delivery. I made several improvements and rigging additions which made the boat an excellent sailer. -- Sold it in 2010 in Seaview, WA.

  9. Mark Maulden

    Mark Maulden

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    Google Rich Passage Boats who are now still making the mintos. He may have some info on the 12.

  10. ricgeiman


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    I have an R12 in Colorado. Great little boat!

  11. FastOlson


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    Old story I heard from the guys at the factory, back in the day...
    A local commercial airline pilot found a classic English sailing dinghy and wanted one built. So, having seniority and privileges (back in the day) brought a wooden dinghy back in the cargo bay, complete.
    Smitty made a mold from it and it became the Ranger 12 sloop. The CB was galvanized steel, IIRC. Heavy boat, all up, with a lot of nice teak trim.
    They only had one slick-print brochure, and that was only for the Ranger 20. For the other small boats - and one canoe- it was single page flyers with hand sketched rigging information.
    I might have a flyer for it, but it will take some searching. :)

    Looking at the nice picture of the R-12 resurrects wonderful mental images from an Arthur Ransom novel!


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