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Yahoo data is now imported from the Albin Group

Phil Herring

Dethroned Admin
Mar 25, 1997
Hunter 450 Bainbridge Island
@cas206 turned over the data that was exportable from the Yahoo group (thank you cas206!) and we now have approximately 5,000 topics and 20,000 replies in this forum, along with most of the 1,700 users.

However, there are some caveats!

1. The email posts have a *ton* of garbage in them, html tags, advertising, Yahoo tags, etc. I removed most of that but in some cases the baby may have exited with the bathwater. If you run across that, PM me with the address of the thread, the post number, and what is missing.

2. The Yahoo data did not include email addresses (absurd) and passwords (expected). This means the users from the Yahoo group are little more than placeholders. If you wish to activate your old user please PM me with the Yahoo username (as it appears here... it may be slightly different than it was on Yahoo) and your email address. I will update the email then you can go through the "Forgot Password" function and reset it. But there's no requirement to do that, you can certainly make a new registration here.

3. There's still a bit of fine tuning to do on some of the content so some small improvements will show up over the next week or so.

Also, if you know other sailors who were stranded with Yahoo Groups let them know we now have a body of code to import their data.

So, welcome! :beer:
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Sep 30, 2013
1988 Catalina 22 central Florida
Thanks so much Phil, I'm in awe. I can't imagine the headache you must have.

You will never pay for your own drinks in my presence! :beer:
Dec 14, 2013
Albin Marin Vega 27 Venice
Dear Phil,

Kudos for the work done!!!
I was counting on some Albin Vega Yahoo Group topics, in particular from Steve Birch as references for a book I have written and will soon be published. One part of the publication is about the Albin Vega technical details (series) and the rest about my sailing adventure from the North Sea to the Adriatic Sea. Today, going through the threads I failed to find a couple of important (to me) ones: N° 15163 and 16686 (see attachment 1 and 2).
Besides the forum threads, what about the files and photos from the Yahoo Vega Group? Are they going to be uploaded in the Boat Info session? I am looking in particular for the description of raising and lowering the mast from John Sprague.

Many thanks for the recovery work done!!!
Albin Vega 3339 - Spray


Nov 5, 2019
Albin Vega Dunmore East
Phil, Many thanks for pulling across all of the invaluable data from the Yahoo site. Hugely appreciated.
Fair winds.

Phil Herring

Dethroned Admin
Mar 25, 1997
Hunter 450 Bainbridge Island
My pleasure, Nigel. And @africanmarco, I should have mentioned that we will be integrating the resource/archive materials but I have to get through a couple of other projects first.
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