Winterizing 272le

Aug 29, 2018
MacGregor 25 Utah Lake
I upgraded from a 25 to a 272 LE this past summer. I have never winterized a boat or anything before. Could someone help me out with all of the steps I need to take to have her ready for winter? Will be pulling her out in the next two weeks. Thanks!
Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
Here are some tips (but I don’t what systems your 27LE has)…

several different systems to consider…
1) water heater / engine circuit…engine anti-freeze circulated through engine and the hoses take the hot AF to the heat exchanger in the water-heater…this gives you hot water when motoring…no “winterizing“ of this circuit is required.

2) Engine raw water system…lake water pumped through the engine Heat Exchanger, and then out through the engine exhaust. This circuit needs to be winterized…pink AF sucked in the raw water intake, engine on, and run several gallons through the engine. Pink AF will flow out of the engine exhaust.

3) potable water system (red and blue water lines in your photo). Usually you have a water tank, water heater, water pump, faucets, all tied together with the red and blue lines For hot and cold water. This circuit needs to be winterized as well.

I generally drain my water tanks, drain my water heater, bypass the water heater, then remove hose from water tank, put the end of the hose in a gallon of pink AF, and turn on water pump and open each faucet (Hot and cold). I have 2 water tanks, so I repeat the process on the 2nd tank.

4) Head/toilet - also needs to be drained and winterized…I pour pink AF into the water intake strainer, while someone This pumps AF all through the toilet, hoses, valves, toilet rim, and pushed it to the holding tank. It can stay in the holding tank all winter.

Don’t just dump AF into the toilet bowl and pump it dry…it won’t get all of the valves and cavities in the toilet.

5) Finally, I usually dump some pink AF into my bilge…if I get any water in there, I don’t want it freezing solid and cracking something….so a bit of AF should keep things slushy at worst if I get water in the bilge.

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