1. M

    Winterizing 272le

    I upgraded from a 25 to a 272 LE this past summer. I have never winterized a boat or anything before. Could someone help me out with all of the steps I need to take to have her ready for winter? Will be pulling her out in the next two weeks. Thanks!
  2. Plymouth Sailor


    I'm thinking of pouring automobile anti-freeze in my bilge. Does anyone know if this causes issues with fiberglass?
  3. DennisonBerwick

    Free illustrated checklists for winterizing and laying-up

    I've created four illustrated checklists to help with winterizing and laying-up the complete diesel system - engine, fuel, lubrication, cooling, electrical, breathing and drive train. Copies are also available free, no email required, on the website...
  4. Musetta

    Winterizing Hunter 356

    Since it takes weeks to get the antifreeze taste out of the fresh water system, I am wondering if it is safe to drain the tank and hot water heater and clear the water lines with compressed air as an alternative method of winterization. Has anyone tried this?