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Dec 25, 2008
catalina 310 Elk River
When my tank failed. I got it out by partially collapsing the holding tank and out the access door.
I had the fellow that repaired it cut the corner off so it would be easier to reinstall. It was 20gal now maybe 18.5 now. It is also chalked up 1/4" so it doesn't sit in any water that may collect in the molded area.


Jan 24, 2010
Catalina 310 Ocean City, NJ
I did the same thing with our tank.. cut strips of starboard 1/4" tall.
Nov 16, 2012
Catalina 310, 2000, #31 Santa Cruz
Exciting day today removing the fuel tank and water heater. Water heater was not a big problem but the fuel tank was a little tricky. I knew from this forum that it would be necessary to remove the propane locker but my locker was impossible to remove. Factory must have used an entire tube of silicone to seat it because removing it would just break it. So the guys I hired and was working with de ccx ided to cut the bottom off and will reattach it and fiberglass it back into place. Pictures attached. Also learned that the fuel tank was made by Skyline Industries in Nov 1989 and was only 17 gallons! So much for boat specifications! Hope to get 20 gals from the new tank when it is fabricated.View attachment 178322View attachment 178323View attachment 178324
19 gallon tank in hull #31. 27 gallons in Jessie's 310. Lots of changes during the production run, that's for sure!

To tell you the truth, as little motoring as we do 19 gallons is more than plenty.