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Single Line Mainsail Reef line twist

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Sep 14, 2010
Catalina 320 Worton Creek, MD
Hey All,

We have a '97 C320 with the single line Mainsail reefing system. I run into an issue with the line led through the turning block mounted on the top of the pin that retains the lower end of the boomvang at the mast. Eventually, the pin slowly spins as the boom moves back and forth, twisting the line as the block is turned. This creates a lot of extra friction and I usually forget to clear the twists until I need to reef. This is usually not a good time to be up on deck. :cry: You have to remove all the pressure on the pin (Flogging Main!), grab the block and turn it until the line is untwisted. :cussing:

So I was looking for a swivel block assembly that has the appropriate sized pin to replace the shackle and block that is there. Has anyone resolved this problem? How and where did you find the hardware... I'm concerned about the load on the swivel... I certainly wouldn't want the swivel to part unexpectedly...

Any input would be welcome... Thanks...
Dec 2, 2003
Catalina C-320 Washington, NC
I don't recall any issues with the blocks on the line going back to the cockpit but we have 2001 #867 and that issue may have been addressed by an upgrade.

To deal with the friction in the syatem, I simply put blocks held in place by stainless rings at the cringles and ran the reefing lines through the blocks instead of the cringles...friction reduced by 90%.
Sep 14, 2010
Catalina 320 Worton Creek, MD
Thanks Chris,

I like that idea.
Do you have a picture of the picture of the attachment to the crinkle that I can see?
I assume you have webbing going through the crinkle, correct? Where did you get the hardware? Do you pull down on one side of the sail at the crinkle or do you have blocks on both sides of the sail?

Thanks for your response...


Guy Smith
sv Pleiades
Catalina 320 #452
Worton Creek, MD
Mar 6, 2008
Catalina 310 Scott Creek, VA
Here is picture using block and a ring lashed to the back side of the cringle. Second picture is previous method of a block lashed directly to reef cringle, which didn't work as well.


Feb 26, 2004
Catalina 34 224 Maple Bay, BC, Canada
IIRC, the C380 Assoc. website used to have a description with photos.
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