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Rudder post alignment on 28

Sep 16, 2019
O'Day 28 New Bedford
My 28 is a 1979. I've had it 10 years. Last year under heavy sailing conditions the rudder would squeak under load. Back in the slip no noise. This year it squeaks all the time. I discovered that the rudder post is off center and rubbing against the top of the rudder tube right where you would attach the emergency tiller. It still turns easily. On close inspection I found a grease fitting about half way up the tube above the steering quadrant. Never knew it was there before. When I applied grease with my grease gun some grease oozed out of a split in the fiberglass column/rudder tube. This leads me to believe there's some kind of fitting at this point in the rudder tube and it's gotten degraded, shifted or something so that the rudder post no longer runs dead center up the tube. Has anyone ever dropped the rudder on this model and/or knows what supports the post other than the steering quadrant. Thanks.
Aug 11, 2011
O'day 30 313 Georgetown MD
Just recently some was posting about rudder removal.

Also q while back someone bent their rudder post and there was a lengthy posting on this site
Aug 8, 2019
Oday 28 Bristol, RI
Apologies for reviving dead thread..... did you figure out a solution DutchSails? My 1985 O'Day 28 is doing the same, squeaking due to the off center rubbing of where the emergency tiller attaches. Going to go down later and grease like you did, hoping it's nothing more major than just needing some grease? But it being off center is a bit disconcerting.

Anyone's thoughts are appreciated