Replacement M-25 Universal engine instrument panel?

Jan 15, 2013
Shopping 32 Kralendijk
Howdy folks-
So my aged instrument panel (amps/ fuel, no tach) panel for my M-25 is showing it's age & I'm in a quandary. I've read about the dangers of the old ampmeter, myignition switch is getting flaky and who knows about the rest of it. I've searched the internet for a replacement panel & have called our old standby a D&R. No joy. I could re-build the whole thing w/ new panel & gauges & glo-plug but have way too many other sailboat issues I am already immersed in. Any suggestions or wisdom in such an endeavor?
Lou in Annapolis
Here is what I am putting on my 35 since the old start panel split in half. Made from 1/4” Starboard and using the old labels from the original panel.
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