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Ray marine Smart pilot st6002 error message question?

Jan 24, 2017
Hunter 34 Toms River Nj
I have had this ray marine smart pilot st6002 for the past five or six years now and has worked perfectly up untill this past season. The controller is giving a error message!!
"Mot pow swapped"
Owner Manuel alarm message idecates possible cause and solution is
Motor cables are connected to power terminals and power cables are connected to motor terminals at the computer.
Solution is turn off power and swap over the connections.

Note these cables are connected correctly and have been for the past five or six years.
Nothing has changed.
Things that I have done so far as per manual.
1 swapped cables as listed above, not resolve so moved them back to original locations.
2 cleaned all wires and reconnected.
3 checked all fuses.
4 checked all wires for breaks or damage.

Everything appears good. However the error message is still displaying.
Called ray marine tech support they needed more info off the unit which I will get them later in the week, however they don' t appear to have a clue what is wrong.

The strange thing is that the unit worked fine for years and now out of the blue this error message appeared. Nothing has changed.
Also note that this unit is not inter grated with any other electronics. And I don't use this very much at all, maybe once or twice a year.

Anyone here ever had this problem?