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O'day 22 Mast Location

Feb 27, 2016
O'Day 22 Moored in Hector, NY
I posted this in the general forum and was directed here. Apologies to those who have already seen it.

I have owned an O'day 22 for about 5 years now. I have always found it funny that my mast was not located directly above the wood bulkhead. I have been doing some deck repairs and am preparing to reinstall the mast in the same location. I then came across a section of the boat showing the mast aligned with the bulkhead. Has my mast been in the wrong location the entire time?

Attached is a photo of the section and where the base plate of my mast has been mounted.


May 7, 2016
O'Day 222 Dubuque, IA
I have a 1986 222 - at some year of production they added an angled support from the mast base to the compression post. Unfortunately, they attached the bulkhead with an offset screw where it eventually cracked the compression post. I replaced the post last year and used brackets to attach the bulkhead. I'm not sure if any 22's have been retrofitted with the angled suppView attachment 173978View attachment 173979View attachment 173980ort...

View attachment 173978View attachment 173979View attachment 173980
Jun 2, 2004
Oday Day Sailer Wareham, MA
What year is your 22? My research has found that it looks like the mast step was located just above the main bulkhead on the 1972-79 models which had the Masthead Rig. In 1980 O'Day switched to the Fractional Rig and moved the mast step a bit further forward, which unfortunately meant it was now forward of the bulkhead/compression post. Most likely it was felt that the support was close enough to avoid problems, but far from ideal. I have posted a new diagram below in which I moved the mast to the approximate location on the Fractional Rig 22 (1980-83), I based this position on the profile of a 1980-83 22 that shows the fractional rig (mast pretty much lines up with upper, forward corner of forward window) note the difference in the 2 diagrams in that set of specs. The diagram that you posted was from the 1979 O'DAY brochure (I know, because I recognize it as one that I posted <GRIN!>), the 1979 model had the masthead rig, but O'DAY kept using that drawing in their brochures even after the switch to the Fractional Rig and that can lead to confusion. Actually, O'DAY took some beautiful pictures of the 22 for their 1978 Brochure (masthead rig), but they were such nice pictures, that they continued to use them through 1983! So, they were selling only a Fractional Rig fro m1980-83, but brochure photos were all of the older, masthead rig!