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Mast base wiring connections

Dec 16, 2011
Catalina 310 Atlantic Highlands
Also no. The caps say "DO NOT OPEN" so I never even considered doing that.

Tom J

Sep 30, 2008
Catalina 310 Quincy, MA
The last time my 4D's failed, I was at my slip. Once I got them onto the cabin sole, I put a board on top of the companionway stairs and sprayed it with silicone lube. Not too slippery, just enough to help slide the 4D. This made it much easier to pull these heavy batteries up and out of the cabin. I took them to the dealer where I had bought them, and asked him to load test them. He came back to me and said they were fine. I re-installed them, and they were still no good.:banghead:
I then took the time to rewire the battery compartment for golf cart batteries, and installed four. They hold a charge better than the 4D's ever did. I should have done the changeover years ago!
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