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main halyard hanging up


May 29, 2011
catalina 27 New Smyrna Beach
On my Compac 19, which is in the water, I have problems raising the main.
It starts and suddenly it is impossible to move it without doing some damage.
Sometimes moving up and down it will free, but generally cannot get sail up 100 %.
Also, halyard is getting chafed.
Anybody had this problem?


Sep 22, 2006
Catalina, Luger C-27, Adventure 30 Marina del Rey
Mine has a 1/8" cable halyard. Did someone switch yours out to rope? If so are you still using the narrower cable sheeves? The tracks can become oxidozed as well making it difficult for the slug to move up and down, a little wet and dry sand paper will take care of that 400 grit. We plan on doing this to a friends Cat 34. We are planning on rubbing down slot with parafin afterward. Another source of friction can come from worn out slugs. My slugs are nylon ove metal. As the nylon wears through they bind up on the exposed metal.
Hope this helps.


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
Check the track, if it's external there may be a screw head loose in the channel. If it's an extrusion the lower slugs could be hanging up on the mast gate. Don't forget to release the cunningham, vang and mainsheet before hoisting.

Unclip the sail and test the halyard by itself to verify that it isn't an issue up top.