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Jacklines and Fixed Attachment Points for Tethering on 315

Dec 28, 2015
Laser, Hunter H30 Cherubini Tacoma
It’s cheaper, if you’ve ever done inset face frame cabinets or mortise and tenon it’s a lot like it ....always having to remember to add material for the joints, seams and finished edge
Nov 21, 2012
Yamaha 33 Port Ludlow, WA
I found it easy to follow the concepts, but the motor skills for long straight seams just aren't there yet. Plus her machine is a bit *touchy*. I think it sews in MPH.
May 3, 2008
Catalina 310 Catawba Island
This thread contains a number of alternatives. It is probably more important that you have jack lines and use them than the "best" configuration. I have 3 pad eyes - in front of the mast, in cockpit just out of the cabin and another aft of the wheel. The one aft of the wheel is used the most. I also run two jack lines - port and starboard - from the bow cleat to the aft cleat. The jack lines were used mostly for dousing the main. As I aged gracefully, I replaced the useless Dutchman system and put in lazy jacks and a stack pak - now I rarely go forward to douse the main.