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Icebox Drain pump

Feb 26, 2019
Pearson 31-2 Roll Tide Chester MD
My icebox/refrigerator drain pump is on its last legs. I've have searched every site I know of but can't find either the pump, or a rebuild kit(the diaphragm & related rubber is just about gone) anywhere. Pump still works, kind of, but I'd like to replace it sooner rather than later. I've attached a pic of it. Any possible sources would be appreciated. Thanks!



Jan 6, 2006
Beneteau 423 Mt. Sinai, NY
What I eventually found on mine was that the rubber is shrinking. I use to put soap or a lubricant on it but found it was just not doing it. Finally I dipped it in real hot water and gently streatched the rubber cup-like plunger ( don’t know what you would call it) outwards....... didn’t want to damage it. In my case that did the trick.... when I first bought my Pearson the pump worked fine and at that point I saw a replacement. However when it started to give me issues I could never find one of same style..... I was contemplation a new style pump before I sold her.....
good luck
Feb 26, 2019
Pearson 31-2 Roll Tide Chester MD
Thanks for the idea - I cleaned mine up but thought to heat ot and stretch it out a bit. I'll give it a try.