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I found a Catalina 28 Group w great Wiki

Nov 22, 2019
Catalina Catalina 28 MKII Outer Harbour marina
I love this forum, but there is another I frequent, a discussion group ONLY for Catalina 28 owners. I tend to go there for their Wiki, which has links and info for all the systems in the C28, the MKI and MKII with all engine variants. Also lots of projects and mods with pictures, descriptions etc.

It's a free group, uses the groups.io platform. You can go here to join: Catalina28+subscribe@groups.io
or just go to groups.io and search for Catalina 28. I think there are about 300 members.

It's another nice tool in the toolbag when you are having issues or want to share ides.

Good sailing
2005, C28 MKII Hull 787
Toronto, Canada
Jun 2, 2018
Catalina 28 mk ii Port Orchard
That is the reincarnation of the yahoo group.

You can get there direct at catalina28.net