Hunter 23 shroud tension specifications

Oct 12, 2021
Hunter 23 Santa Cruz harbor
I wish to properly tune my Hunter 23 shroud tension but do not see the information in the boat owners manual.
I borrowed a loos tool from a friend in the harbor and understand how to make the adjustment. On his CAL 27 he stated that different shrouds had different tension settings. Please Advise, Gene


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
Get your rig tuned using the owner's manual, or any sail or spar makers guide.... they're all over the internet. It will require setting up at the dock then fine tuning out on the water(without using a loos tool). Then use your Loos tool to record the settings.... now you can quickly recreate those measurements in the parking lot or at the dock. You should be able to experiment with these settings as you desire.... sail with them.... save or discard... what's important is that they become part of your boat's profile.

When I campaigned my Nacra many years ago, I followed Randy Smith's awesome book (catamaran racing for the 90's)to the letter. What I learned is that my boat and my skills were somewhat less than the top racers... and I found that adapting the settings to fit me and my boat worked better.