Hunter 216 Furler. What should I buy?

Jul 21, 2021
Hunter 216 Onekama
I bought a 2004 Hunter 216 with many missing parts. I’ve been able to find everything I need except I don’t know which size/type furling kit I need. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new 216!!

I assume you are looking foir a jib furler. If it was my boat, I would obtain competitive / technical quotes from the manufacturers listed in this article (summarized below) and evaluate their features and benefits: How to: Choosing a Furling System - Sail Magazine AND/OR discuss your requirements with a local rigger and obtain an installtion quote. Before I purchased a top down furler for asymmetrical spinnaker I researched the different manufacturer cost / features and benefits then used a rigger/racer to make sure I installed it correctly and join me on a test sail.

Also do a search on this forum on "Hunter 216 jib furler" to see the threads on the same subject like: Using roller furling | Sailboat Owners Forums

Harken Inc.
Schaefer Marine
Ubi Maior
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Jul 21, 2021
Hunter 216 Onekama
Thanks for that quick reply.

I'm just looking to replace the missing equipment, which is essentially the furling drum and the swivel.

I thought this was standard equipment on the Hunter 216. Am I right about that? If so, then I'm just really asking what the standard furling drum and swivel were. Thanks!
Jun 8, 2004
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check with this site forum store as they are now in the process on another 216 system. Ask for Dave Groshong.
The forum owner was a former hunter employee in the retail parts
@Dave Groshong please help this fellow
Jul 21, 2021
Hunter 216 Onekama
I'd really appreciate some further opinion here.

I purchased a roller furling drum and swivel. I bought the Harken equipment sufficient for a 5mm cable, which is what I believe the forestay is.

I also had to purchase the pigtail cable.

I have installed it exactly according to the diagram in the manual, and have sailed it. It's working OK, but it seems to me like there is perhaps too much play in the forestay.

I have seen posts about it being difficult to attach the forestay (people who pull it with their trailer winch to get it close enough). For me, it was easy to attach the forestay to the furler drum.

The jib luffs from the forestay, which is odd to me, but perhaps that's because I'm used to smaller boats. When the jib is not full, the forestay doesn't seem to providing any support to the mast.

Is it possible that the parts I purchased are too long? The swivel is about four inches. The drum seems to be the right size. Should the forestay be tighter?

Thanks very much for anyone's help on this.