Hull construction at keelson, O'Day 40

Aug 21, 2020
Oday 40 Dalhousie Yacht Club
so after some exploratory drilling with an 1/8" bit. to the beat of my knowledge the vertical portion of the keel stub is solid glass about 1/4" thick ( yep went straight through on that one, whoops) and the base of the keel stun is solid glass at an unknown thickness. I drilled approx 1/2" and was still in glass.
Aug 17, 2010
Oday 35 Barrington
Looks like the bedding compound (5200?) is no longer doing its job. I suggest that you remove and then re-torque the most aft keel bolt. I bet you will find it enlightening. If everything else is ship-shape, loosen the aft most bolt again, apply some new 5200, and re-torque the bolt.
Aug 21, 2020
Oday 40 Dalhousie Yacht Club
i dyed a gallon of water and poured it in the bildge. Guess what, I have red water weeping out of the keel joint.

what's the correct repair method??

thinking some thinned epoxy injection...or just 5200 around the keel bolt.
Feb 22, 2010
Oday 322 Delaware River
The O'Day 39 and 40 have balsa cored hulls, all others are solid.
Hello, Sorry to make a slight correction to your statement, but my research indicates that the O'Day 39 is solid hull, it is the O'Day 40 that is cored, (even below the waterline). However, I have not read anywhere how close to the keel joint the coring of the 40 approaches. Certainly would be crazy to design coring in the keel stub.

Google - 'oday 39 not cored' to find discussion on this forum by O'Day 39 owners confirming 39 is solid hull.
That is why, in my mind, the 39 is preferred - even though it lacks the sugar scoop.