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How many Eclipse Owners here?

Sep 25, 2008
Hello everyone. I actually just stumbled onto the Com Pac side of the site. I have been on the Precision side since its inception. I am new to Com Pac having just purchased a 2007 Eclipse. So far so good. I love it and the fact that I stepped the mast and launched her myself is great plus. Just a little about myself. I am a lifetime sailor (almost lifetime....) having sailed since I was in my 20's. I am 68 now so the math says..... nevermind. My previous boat and one that is still for sale was a 1998 Precision 21 that I sailed for 13 years. A great boat but I think during the 13 years the mast has become heavier.... I made a mast raising system but it is not near as good as the factory setup on the Eclipse. The Eclipse has never been named so she will become Off The Wind, the same name as my P-21. This will allow me to use all the embroidered shirts that my wife has made for me. LOL I plan on trailering her around a bit but for now she is in the BayView Marina on Pistakee Lake in the town of Fox Lake, Illinois. If you are in the neighborhood, yell and we can go sailing. I am retired and do most of my sailing during the week. That's my story. Any other Eclipse owners around?