H386 water leak above main table in cabin.

Jul 3, 2018
Hunter 386 Comox
Hello, I'm trying to chase down a leak on my boat that sees water accumulate in the light fixture above the main dining table. There is a set of runners just above screwed down to the deck but I've pulled those off and completely sealed the screw holes and the leak persists. Just wondering if anyone has seen same?
thanks, Brian
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Good to hear you sealed up those screw holes presumably when the running rigging covers were attached. The only leak I had on my 2004 Hunter 386 into the salon was from the electrical cable cover next to the mast. Mitigated the leak by plugging the cover ends.
Jun 27, 2021
Hunter 376 Midland
Thanks. I'll check that. This is a 2002 by the way.
Our boat is a ‘97 H376….very close to the 386 design I believe….
It would also be worthwhile to check the on deck solar panel. At least, I think that’s where my leak was originating.

As an end of season test I duct taped down the edges of the fibreglass cover over the panel and the leaking seemed to have stopped. I will be checking it more thoroughly in the spring. It’s likely the wires from the panel where they enter the boat which has developed a leak - but may be something else around the solar panel itself.