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H31 mast wire install

Oct 28, 2018
Hunter 31 Duncan Bay
I am trying to install a masthead wind sensor. Has anyone successfully installed a new wire through the mast step without removing the trim on the head door. I can get a fish tape in through the bottom, but it stops at the step. It seems the tube through the step does not line up well with the channel. There is also a ton of silicon in the tube.
Removing the trim would require drilling out wood plugs over the screws which I hoped to avoid.
1986 model
Nov 26, 2014
HUNTER h31 Northport L.I.
I have 87 model and had to remove head door trim to run wire up into mast had to push thru silicone . then dropped wire down from top and put a weather tite connector inside at base. I have an access hole in base of mast to connect them . Drilling out plugs was not as bad as i thought it would be and new ones purchased from West Marine worked nicely. good luck Eddie