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H 33.5 Port side deck organizer turning block installation

Mar 4, 2018
Hunter 33.5 String Theory Southport
Has anyone made this upgrade to their H 33.5 ? I have seen other 33.5's that have the turning blocks under the raised section just ahead of the traveler on the port side as well as the standard starboard side installation. I'm thinking this was a factory option and I would like to make this upgrade but I'm a little concerned about trying to remove what I'm calling the " Hood" for lack of a better word for it. Any idea as to how these were attached and or if there are any tricks to removing them?
h33.5 hood.JPG
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
If there are no seen bolts protruding into cabin held by nuts nor any inspection ports inside cabin ceiling below blocks then the bolts holding the block topside would be secured into aluminum plates encapsulated in the fiberglass

On turning blocks or deck organizers I used to at times add another on top but would need longer bolts
Retired dealer
Mar 4, 2018
Hunter 33.5 String Theory Southport
Not the blocks that is the issue. I'm pretty sure there are aluminum plates on both sides of the cabin for turning blocks as well as cam cleats and winches. It looks to me like the piece that I'm calling the hood was attached after block installation with some kind of adhesive and then caulked. If the adhesive used was 5200 it's going to make for a pretty difficult project. I was hoping to find someone who had removed the part that could give me a heads up on what to expect.