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First Sailboat Buying Advice - Victoria 18 or Triton 18


Jul 6, 2020
N/A N/A Warwick, RI
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post and I am relatively new to sailing so pardon my beginner knowledge here but I am looking for some advice. To give some background, the only solo sailing I have ever done is with a Sunfish. I am looking for something bigger to explore the local bay, I live in Rhode Island.

I've been looking for a few weeks now for a boat under $3,000 with a trailer and have come across a Pearson Triton 18 and a McVay Victoria 18. I am looking for advice based on the ideal boat for outlined below. The Pearson in particular has been difficult to find information on, I can really only ever find reviews on the larger Triton's.

Update came across a bit larger of a boat too, within my price range 1979 MacGregor Venture 222

Ideal Boat
  • Can handle the Narragansett Bay
  • Easy to trailer
  • Good to learn on
  • Room for 2-3 people in the cockpit
  • Can squeeze an overnight here or there in the cockpit
Thanks so much in advance!

- Ryan
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Nov 23, 2018
Vandestadt & McGruer Ltd. Siren 17 Choctawhatchee Bay
If I didn't already have a boat, I would go with the Victoria vs the Triton. The Victoria would be more stable with 550 lbs of ballast, and without a keel housing, there would be more room in the cockpit and cabin. Not having to mess with raising or lowering the keel would be convenient and the higher cockpit sides would be more comfortable. But if you plan to beach the boat, the Triton would be more suitable with its swing keel, plus it would be easier to launch/recover from the trailer. Both boats look like they have room for a port-a-potty, so that's a plus.

Pearson Triton Data:
  • LOA 17' 10 1/2"
  • Beam 6' 10 1/2"
  • Displacement 800 lbs
  • Draft CB Up 6"
  • Draft CB Dn 4' 1"
  • Sail Area 154 sf
  • Hull Speed 5.29 kts/6.09 mph
  • Bridge Clearance 25'
  • Cockpit length: 7'- width: 5'
Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Charleston
I don’t have any first hand knowledge of either 18 but I used to own a Mac 222 .

when my kids were young we would spend a week each summer sailing in the NC outer banks in that boat
Jul 26, 2020
Starboard Slipper 17 Greenville, MS
I don't know if you already bought your boat, but I owned a Vic, and they are beautiful boats and easy to trailer. Not as easy to sail, though, for a novice sailor. Also, the freeboard is a little low. Otherwise it would fit your needs. I don't know anything about the Tritons.
Jul 26, 2020
Starboard Slipper 17 Greenville, MS
The rigging is a bit more complicated; for example, the mainsheet is in a pulley system attached to a traveller, which is more than the boat needs in my opinion. I'm not a strong sailor, and I found the boat a lot to handle, especially on a windy day. A good sailor wouldn't have much trouble. I have sailed a ComPac 16 and Chrysler 20, both of which were easier to sail. One more note: the Vic has a nice big cockpit, but I found the last couple feet needed to be clear for the tiller to swing around.
Don't get me wrong -- the Victoria 18 is a lovely boat and well-made. I recommend it to any decent sailor.
Aug 2, 2005
Celebrity Class 19 Penn Yan, NY (Seneca Lake SP)
Hello RPD677 and welcome to the SBO forums! Have your boat search adventures included this site in the classifieds, Craigslist, sailboatlistings, and boattrader? Take your time and see as many boats as you can in your area.

RE: boat information. Have you looked on sailboatdata.com ? That site will offer dimensions and weights on many, many sailboats. There might even be some diagrams to show interior and exterior views.

From what I know of the boats you mentioned they each have "the look". The sleek appearance of the hull and the stern shape each are appealing to observe. Best Wishes and stay healthy, 31seahorse