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Engine Cooling Water not Flowing

Tom J

Sep 30, 2008
Catalina 310 Quincy, MA
Anyone know why calcium builds up in the heat exchanger at the inlet from the water pump hose? If it makes a difference, the engine is usually only run 10 minutes at a time or less; just enough to get out of the marina, sail and then started for 10 minutes or less to get back into the marina. As a result, the engine never really gets up to full temperature.
I think the build up of calcium in the HX is more a function how many hours the engine is run between cleanings of the HX. That being said, it is always a good idea to warm up the engine before engaging the transmission. Repeatedly running a cold diesel engine can cause several problems. Acids can build up in the engine oil, and carbon can build up in the mixing elbow. It's also a good idea to run the engine at full power occasionally for a few minutes, and avoid idling the engine for long periods. End of diesel engine tutorial.


May 17, 2014
Catalina 310 #307 Bluewater Bay, FL
How many hours between cleanings? Boat built in 2005 and 480 hours on the engine