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Changning Mast Head Sheave

Jun 2, 2014
catalina 28 Lake City
I had problems with my jib halyard and had to be hauled to top of my mast. I noticed that the sheave was worn and now want to replace them. Are there any tricks to the replacement process. I am concerned that in pulling the rivet, the sheave could fall into the mast.


Sep 22, 2006
Catalina, Luger C-27, Adventure 30 Marina del Rey
I don't know how old yours is but bine were in for almost 30 yes on the Cat 27 and the sheave pins were tight. Had to use a hammer and punch to get them out. Take a file up with you in case you mush the ends. The sheaves on mine were made of metal, but then I have an 1/8" wire halyard. If you are concerned about it falling in try securing it with a wrap of electrical tape.
Nov 1, 2009
Catalina 27 Worton
I replaced mine with ball bearing sheaves from Catalina Direct. I lifted the halyard out and used a tie to hold it out of the way. Than I got about a foot of #6 AL ground wire. I formed it around the sheave in the mast head,pulled the pin and lifted it out. I formed the wire around the new sheave and used it to put in place and hold it there while I put the pin back.
Jun 2, 2014
catalina 28 Lake City
thank you, will try in the spring as boats are coming out before the ice here in MN.