Changing the Oil Filter on a Yanmar 2GM20F

Jan 4, 2006
Hunter 310 West Vancouver, B.C.
I've done it for years. Lately, it's gotten so bad that neighboring boats leave for the day when I change the oil.

Sucking the oil out the sump with the Pela oil suction pump is neat and tidy as you please, but when the oil filter comes off, all hell breaks loose. Oil drains down the side of the block, oil splatters on to nearby boats, oil slick everywhere, the air turns purple with vitriolic curses, grandmothers faint, mothers cover their children's ears, and the heavens turn black with rage. Definitely not a good thing when I change the oil on our boat.

And I've tried them all ....... covered the filter with a plastic bag while removing, punching a hole in the end of the filter and draining, but always the same results. Oil draining down the side of the block and worse. Cleanup around the oil pressure transmitter and under the block is a bloody mess.

So, with the rainy miserable weather we get here at this time of year on the Wet Coast of British Columbia and absolutely nothing better to do, I set about to design a better way to remove the filter.

Figure 1 above shows a device so simple (3/4" copper tubing) that I'm embarrassed to admit, has never crossed my mind. Too emotionally involved, I suppose.

Figure 2 above shows the device in place and catching the oil as it drains from the filter inlet and discharge ports as well as the filter itself. The wire to the oil pressure switch is removed for clarity.

Figure 3 above shows the location of the device to catch the spilled oil. Positioning is a bit tricky as there is a protrusion on the block which forces it away from the filter attachment if pushed too far back.

Look for it in the WM catalogue next spring for only $79.95 in polished copper and $69.95 in cheap vinyl.
Feb 20, 2011
Island Packet 35 Tucson, AZ/San Carlos, MX
Necessity is the mother of a better mousetrap!

I suspect some will miss the salty language, though. :D
Oct 6, 2008
Hunter, Island Packet, Catalina, San Juan 26,38,22,23 Kettle Falls, Washington
It is an amazingly simple devise and works so well, but $70 and $80? Somebody is going to be able to buy a very nice boat very quickly! I love it, that's the way it should be.
Oct 29, 2005
Hunter Marine 326 303 Singapore
Ralph, I will shamelessly copy your idea. :) :) :)
Oh btw, if you end the pics to China, you could probably get it manufactured with proper packaging for $3.99. ;)
Aug 16, 2009
Hunter 1986 H31 California Yacht Marina, Chula Vista, CA
Send pictures? Are you kidding, Ken? Chinese industrial espionage experts have been monitoring this site for years. I suspect the "jinstone oil transporter" knockoff will hit your local 99 cent store before the folks at WM can say "markup".
Feb 21, 2008
Hunter 33 Metedeconk River
Similar solution by Mr. Berlin from Mack Boring is to use a 1 or 2 liter coke bottle, cut the bottom out, and part of the side so it resembles the copper pipe by Ralph. the end can be custom fitted to the block. Put the cap on before removal and it will catch all the oil.
Aug 16, 2006
Ericson 32 Oregon coast
I have a similar situation on my Honda Accord except

that it has poorer access being between the engine and firewall. It also sits directly above the exhaust pipe. I make a saddle of aluminum foil to go over the exhaust pipe. Then I make a spill way out of a 4" wide strip of foil with a piece of duct tape to hold it on the engine block directly below the mounting surface. The oil dribbles out going down the spill way and over the saddle that covers the exhaust pipe. A drain pan catches the oil as it spills over the aluminum saddle.
You might want to use the spill way as a failsafe measure even using your devise. I found that the duct tape will tend to cling much better than other tapes where there might be a residual film of oil.
Dec 2, 2003
Hunter 376 Warsash, England --
Great idea and I shall make one - but looks as if I will need 3 hands to use it. That is one to hold the gadget in position, a second to hold the oil container and a third to undo the filter the first half turn.
Anyone got any ideas on how to hold the "RJtube" in place whilst the oil drains?
Jan 4, 2006
Hunter 310 West Vancouver, B.C.
Instructions for Using the RJtube ....................

Anyone got any ideas on how to hold the "RJtube" in place whilst the oil drains?

................... will be coming out in the spring edition of the WM catalogue for only $39.95 (English translation (and very loosely translated) only $49.95).

I probably shouldn't say this in public but ..................... I use a small, rather flat, sour cream tub which is placed (on the bilge floor) directly under the drain tube to catch all of the miserable oil that drains out from the filter. You then have one hand to unscrew the filter (which is first loosened with a wrench) and the other hand to hold the tube.


Apr 28, 2005
Oday 302 Lake Perry, KS
While the invention is eyes and brain immediately went to an engine that looks brand new!

My 2GM20F is 25 years old, runs like a top, but I suspect it was NEVER that clean. I'm impressed.
Jan 4, 2006
Hunter 310 West Vancouver, B.C.
It Has to be that Clean ....................

While the invention is eyes and brain immediately went to an engine that looks brand new!
.................... it's where I hide my lunch.

Crew of mine would have it eaten so bloody fast, I can't risk leaving it out in the open.


Jun 19, 2013
C&C 30 Elk Rapids
...and top dead center markings for each cylinder....currogated chafe protection for hose.


Feb 21, 2008
Hunter 29.5 Punta Gorda
A friend of mine uses a SPAM can. He says it fits perfectly.
Aug 16, 2006
Ericson 32 Oregon coast
Oil and Spam and Spam and oil and Spam, Spam,

Spam and oil.......................LOL
Feb 6, 1998
Canadian Sailcraft 36T Casco Bay, ME
Great fix...! Before I mounted our remote oil filter I used an awl to punch a top then bottom hole in the filter to pre-drain it.. Worked well but was still a tad messy..

Much easier now though with the filter mounted vertically and easier to get to....

Jan 1, 2006
Slickcraft 26 Greenport, NY
Not to ignite another round of discussion - well ok maybe I'm bored- but,
while we're on the subject of oil. I have a recently acquired 60 HP Mercury 2 stroke Outboard with Oil injection. What is the best practice for the winter. Fill the oil reserve with 2 stroke oil or try to empty it? Does it need stabilization if it is to be filled for the winter? What else needs to be done for Winterization?
Aug 16, 2006
Ericson 32 Oregon coast
Shem, good question but in this case you're splitting

hairs. Unlike oil in a crankcase, you are not dealing with contaminates. The oil is basically clean going through the engine without being circulated. You don't have a problem of destabilization as you would with fuel. Probably the best and easiest practice would be to top off the reserve to reduce condensation but I would not think that is critical.

Maybe you should take up playing chess. How about crossword puzzles ?