Catalina28 air conditioning

Jul 2, 2010
Catalina 350 Sandusky, OH
Could you post some pictures of how and where you installed your air conditioning on your 28?
Aug 2, 2009
Catalina 315 Muskegon
I have a 28, but no air conditioning. Was about to add it, then my wife decided we need a Catalina 315. Survey for that happens to be today.

But we're going to add air conditioning the same way we were going to add air on the 28. I'm going to get an under $160.00 home, window air conditioner. They're about 12" tall, and 16" wide. Going to set it right in the companionway, where it can drain into the cockpit while it keeps us cool. Yes, you have to step over the darned thing, but that's not so bad. Have to cut a couple special hatch boards and paint them gray. No big deal.

On the plus side, as we travel on Lake Michigan in the summer, no more hot, sweltering marinas in July and August. That's gets old real fast. Initial cost is way less than marine air. Waaaay less, and there's no need to put another hole in the bottom of the boat. Service will be a lot simpler, too.

Too bad the cockpit storage on a 28 is minimal. Still, if we were keeping our 28, I'd take the AC out of the dock box and put it in the cockpit anytime we were leaving on a trip. Maybe sew up a Sunbrella cover just to alleviate it's ugliness while it sits in the cockpit. The 315 has monstrous cockpit storage, and I think I'll sew up a sling that goes around the AC to retrieve it from the lazarette.

Compromise, compromise.
Feb 26, 2004
Catalina 34 224 Maple Bay, BC, Canada
Compromise, compromise.
Sounds more like: WIN...WIN...

Many have used this method, but your approach to details makes a lot more sense than what I've read in the past.

The C28 is a lovely boat, and most likely the smallest one ever built with literally complete "Big Boat" amenities, which means space is at a premium.

Interesting challenges.

The C315 is nice, too. :cool::beer:
May 7, 2011
Catalina 30 Lake Lanier
Could you post some pictures of how and where you installed your air conditioning on your 28?
We have a 1985 C30, not a 28 and are located in Atlanta GA. We installed a Webasto FCF marine A/C in the Nav Station. Relocated the batteries to make room for the ducting. Originally had a 24,000 BTU unit that was too much, changed to a 16,000 BTU unit. Takes longer to cool, but will hold it once there. It is a reverse heat unit, so keeps the boat warm in winter as well. Ducting priamily goes down the starboard side under the settee and vents are in the cabin self, hanging locker and v berth. Added a venturi to drain the condensate, took over the macerator output for the A/C inlet (On a reservior, no discharge allowed.) and drilled an outlet above the water line. Did watch a dockmate heel his boat over in his slip to drill a new water inlet for his A/C. Pictures are of the 24,000 BTU unit, 16,000 unit is smaller and fits better.

I've seen several boats using window units, most were poorly done. I would guess the window units in the companionway need to be removed and stored to go out sailing. I replaced two 100W rigid solar panels that weighed 20#s each because it was a pain to have to remove them from the lifelines, I would imagine taking a window unit in and out will get old quickly as well.