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Catalina 270LE - Bemini

May 19, 2020
Catalina 270 Oolagah
I am looking to replace our Bimini's for our 270LE. Our boat is not easily accessible at the dock through the stern and is difficult to get in with our current Bemini due to all of the straps holding it down while restricting the boom's hang.

I have seen photos of Bimini's on 270's that appear to be mounted on the existing OEM railing on the stern. It appears that the Canopy has been pushed back and is not flush with the cabin and juts past the stern rails. It appears that the design freely allows the boom to hang naturally as well. It looks like a much better design for the boat and much easier entry/exit. I have attached a photo.

For anyone who has, do you recommend? Pros and cons? Any help in locating a vendor?

Love the boat and this add-on seems like it will enhance our ownership.


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Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
The bimini in the photo looks like a good fit. You can get these from this site (SBO), Catalina Direct or any number of bimini suppliers or canvas shops. Below is a link to a canvas shop in OK as I assume that is where you boat is located.

Aug 1, 2011
Catalina 270 Wabamun - on the orange ball
The one in the picture is about the right size, except, its too round, and theres the problem, the boom is right there. If it were flat on the top, the shape and size would be pretty close.
Most of them fit just below the boom when the sail is on and the sail is flat. Its just less than 6’ of headroom.