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Catalina 22 MkII Mast Raising System

Sep 25, 2019
2002 Cat 22 MkII Change of Pace Lake Somerville
Just purchased a "new to me" 2002 Catalina 22 MkII. Came with the factory supplied mast raising system that includes a gin pole, baby stays and all the block n' tackle. It appears however that I'm missing the "bushing" located inside the mast which the gin pole slides onto once inserted into the hole near the bottom of the mast. Does anyone by chance have a picture of that "bushing" so I can fabricate one if Catalina Direct doesn't supply?

Thanks in advance...!
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Sep 25, 2019
2002 Cat 22 MkII Change of Pace Lake Somerville
As a follow-up...Catalina Direct has the nylon "plug" which is thru bolted to the inside of the mast and the gin pole then slides on to it in order to stabilize the base of the gin pole while in operation. The part is not listed or shown on the CD website but the part # is Z3390 for $6.20. I'll post photos once I'm able to take some....
Sep 30, 2013
1988 Catalina 22 central Florida
Sorry for the scarcity of info. We aren't ignoring you, there's just almost no other MkII owners here anymore. There never were more than one or two. The joys of owning a rare boat! ;)
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Aug 23, 2019
Catalina 22 Driveway
I have a '86 Mk2 but I just use the main sheet to pull up the mast by the fore stay

Isnt a '86 a mk2?
Dec 5, 2011
Catalina Catalina 22 #13632 Phenix City
Plenty of "New Design" folks here though, welcome to the best sailing forums on the web. You can't beat the C-22 crowd for generosity, friendship and shared knowledge.