C28mkII leaks

Nov 30, 2007
Catalina 28 mkII Harvey Cedars, NJ
Sorry if the specifics for this model have already been posted - if so, I've not been able to find it. I'm finally getting around to solve some nagging leaks from the deck. She's 20 this year, so I'm sure she's due for some new seals as I can get to them. The first spot I've noticed is at the cabin portlights. I've replaced the lenses and the gasket, but not resealed the frame. Some of the screws are loose, and some are frozen. What is your best solution to solve the frozen screws?

In addition to the obvious portlight leaks, I have the mysterious puddles and wet spots I find on shelves and in the berths... so basically everywhere except the centerline. My plan is to attack the stanchions as the usual suspects, and to avoid the chainplates for now.

Never having undertaken this project before, I've done some reading and found that many different sailboats have different stanchion installations that seem to vary from solid and reliable to.... uh, really? I have not removed any stanchions yet, but I did have a cursory look around. I've read that on some Catalinas not all stanchions are installed with backing plates - instead only screwed into the deck or toerail. Here is where I am looking for specific Catalina 28 mkII expertise. I did not notice any access to stanchion backing plates in the cabin, but did not look much further. It appears that for all spots except one on each side in the aft pulpit, the stanchion posts end at the deck plate. In those couple of places, the post extends into a hole in the hull (which appears particularly vulnerable to water ingress) Can anyone comment on the stanchion installations for the C28 mkII - are there any with backing plates? Any tricks or lessons learned that you could share?
Nov 22, 2019
Catalina Catalina 28 MKII Outer Harbour marina
The guys in this group are the best. It's all Catalina 28 owners. Great discussion threads and wiki. Free to be a member. Love to have new people.