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Battery wiring on 1989 Catalina 27

Jul 13, 2014
Catalina 27 Nyack
I just acquired a 1989 Cat 27. Her batteries were not in her and so I replaced dead ones with new deep cycle marine batteries. I placed them in the space in the deep lazerette and hooked up the wires as they appeared to be from the bends in the wires. I put a large diameter red wire on each of the positive terminals. there is one thick black and one thinner black wire. I attached the thicker of the two to the battery that is situated closer to the center of the cockpit. the other remaining black (thin) to the negative terminal of the second battery. So far so good? here's the problem...when the battery selector switch is in position 1 it registers only 6 volts on the panel meter. Switching to all yields 12 volts. Finally, position 2 yields NO voltage. Any hints? I can snap a photo on Friday when I'm on it again. Gareth
Feb 26, 2004
Catalina 34 224 Maple Bay, BC, Canada
Golf Cart 6V Battery Wiring http://c34.org/bbs/index.php/topic,7162.0.html

includes 12V. You need to trace those wires and understand how 1-2-B switches work.

Basic Battery Wiring Diagrams This is a very good basic primer for boat system wiring: http://c34.org/bbs/index.php/topic,6604.0.html

This is another very good basic primer for boat system wiring: The 1-2-B Switch by Maine Sail (brings together a lot of what this subject is all about)
Nov 1, 2009
Catalina 27 Worton
I have a 1986 cat 27. In addition to how you hooked up your batteries my boat also has a jumper that ties the battery negative posts together. This jumper is the same guage as the red cables. It is a black cable.