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Autopilot question

Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser Portland OR, moored EVERETT WA
Here is a follow up to my EV100 use.
I had noticed a bit of rattling over the past 6 months from the plastic wheel unit. I could grab it lightly and it wails stop. Just could not identify any thing specific loose. Then on my last outing I had the engage lever pop open and the unit started to go off on its own.
Looked closely at the engage lever and found a torn screw. I gave it a 1/4 turn and this cut out the rattle stiffened the lever. Went 7 hours on the cruise and the AP worked like a timex watch. No hiccups no rattle.
Jun 3, 2012
Hunter 33 Bay Pointe, Quincy
The rattle could be the belt is too tight. I have an older ST4000 and had the same problem until I totally slacked off the tensioning device. The original instruction manual is not clear on this adjustment as it delves into motor current draw or something. It actually is a very easy fix and that might be what you were adjusting. Great system in my opinion. Nothing else that old on my boat still works.
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