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Any negative experience with the Compac 23?

Jan 19, 2015
Compac 16 Bokeelia Island
I am considering buying a Compac 23, have seen one in good shape, read one positive review. Yes I know it wont point that well. I like the big cockpit alot. Dont plan to trailer it much at all. Any negative experiences out there or things to look for before buying? I need a shallow draft boat for the dock I have. I am also into minimal or zero thru-hulls and maintenance overall.
Jun 14, 2015
compac 23 Davis Island
Hi Compacbrain,

I just recently signed up for this forum, We've owned our Compac 23 for about a year now, docked in Tampa. It's a great little boat, light, sturdy, and the shoal draft is absolutely amazing! It will make all your friends jealous. If your still looking to purchase the boat, I recommend it. The boat handles light wind fantastically and sails very will into the wind. A down side is of course it's light weight, which carries over negatively in heavier seas. That being said we've sailed ours in 30 knot gusts (20+ steady) and although pushed around a bit, nothing crazy went down.

Let us know how you decide.
Feb 5, 2020
Com_Pac 23II Noank, CT
I have owned both the CP 16 & 19, & currently own an '85 23II. They are a sturdy, easily handled boat. She is sailed in Long Island & Block Island Sounds. I highly recommend the boat particularly since they are still in production.