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ANNOUNCEMENT: One-to-one Support for your Hunter Sailboat

Dec 22, 2012
Hunter 27-3 103 Gables By The Sea
WhatsApp is far better than Skype and a whole lot easier to establish a video call. Also that it is on your cell so you could show the problem.
Oct 15, 2012
Hunter 290 Panama City
Great that you are here to advise! Now the question: I want to freshen up the areas of painted non skid on the deck. Like to keep the same look and color as Hunter used. Just bought a 1998 Hunter 310 and refitting her stem to stern. Lots of new stuff replacing the old but want to keep as much to original as possible. Had a 1996 Hunter 280 previously and did the same but did not have to paint the deck. Any help in finding it? Thanks!



Jan 7, 2005
Hunter 26 Guntersville Lake, (AL)
Phil, any hopes in offering a stern rail seat for us non-stern rail seat H26 owners who have always longed for one? BrianW

Phil Herring

Dethroned Admin
Mar 25, 1997
Hunter 450 Bainbridge Island
Hi @BrianW -- my recollection is that it depends on the way your current stern rails are mounted. In some configurations you can pop a new rail on, with the other it requires fiberglass reinforcement.

I recommend you send the question to customer service at https://shop.hunterowners.com/cs/

Al or Joe can give you the latest input on how that could work.
May 25, 2016
Hunter 340 New Orleans, LA
I was trying to book an appt for 9:30 am Central Time 7/31/2018 and am having no success. Does that mean that the time and/or date is unavailable?

Danny Rubio

Phil Herring

Dethroned Admin
Mar 25, 1997
Hunter 450 Bainbridge Island
If the time slot is unavailable it will not appear on the list, but if you're having trouble give us a call at 877-932-7245. Thanks!
Apr 8, 2010
Ericson Yachts Olson 34 28400 Portland OR
As a related "support" idea, how about publishing a Cross Reference and Index thread/article to bring together all of the thousands of existing threads relating to many regular and reoccurring maintenance questions? This could be done by our site users, each adding link(s) to an open thread, and then someone would reorganize the thread titles on a weekly or monthly basis.
I would imagine that there would be major sections, like Rigging, Fuel system, bilge pumping, fresh water, Engines and transmissions....... and Etc....
A search engine will help, but there's nothing like the group Memory and Recall to find relevant material even when the thread title is not precise enough! It might work sort of like "crowd sourcing" ....
There are several other major boat brands that could benefit.
Now, you have a core group of "old timers" that can point the newer subscribers in the right direction, but as they age out, this knowledge gets lost.
Fair winds,
(senior moderator at the Ericson Yachts site. And we could use something like this as well.)
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Nov 6, 2016
This is great !! but I give an idea, why not make the questons by e-mail too ??, will be very useful for people with agenda issues and for your support will be an easy task, you could charge a fixed fee or quote in relation with the difficulties....
Sep 9, 2018
1983 hunter ny
AMAZING I was a reader only until this week and I asked a question about a sanitation pump lever answers was amazingly detailed.
A great community I m regret why I didn't become a member and ask myself instead of search only.
Nov 14, 2018
Hunter 31 Ft. Lauderdale
I'm honored to announce two really cool things for Hunter sailboat owners.

First (and related to the second announcement) is a new staff member at Hunter Owners: Joe Kerr. You may not know Joe's name because he was behind the scenes for most of his 20+ years at Hunter, but he is the guy who designed or drew most of the systems on your boats. Electrical, plumbing, AC, gensets, wire runs... if it had more than 2 parts connected by something more solid than air, chances are good Joe knows it inside and out. Joe will be involved in sourcing new replacement parts, developing upgrades, and customer service.

Having Joe aboard allows Hunter Owners to do something that hasn't been available in many years: one-to-one support for your boat.

Here's how it works: if you're facing a tricky repair, an upgrade project, restoration, or would just like to ask some questions about the design and construction methods of your Hunter model, you can make an appointment here. We review your question first to be sure we can help. If so, you'll speak by telephone to either Joe or our owner, Al Fooks, who worked at Hunter for 25 years building boats, supervising assembly lines, in customer service, warranty support, and international service support. You will not find two guys who know more about Hunters than Al and Joe!

Al knows there's a need for this support and he's priced the service to make sure help is accessible to all. I encourage you to take a look at the details and let us know if you have questions or suggestions.

Nov 14, 2018
Hunter 31 Ft. Lauderdale
Hi...glad this new service is here! I have a vibration issue with the prop. Here's a quick history, any thoughts would be appreciated. I replaced a four motor mounts. I removed the shaft and had it straightened. It was only a couple of mm's out. I put on a new cutlass bearing. I put on a new prop. How can I align the transmission to the shaft? I am getting a little clacking which is 100% associated with the shaft...(doesn't make that clacking noise when in neutral and engine revved); a small 1/4" vibration at the cutlass bearing; and a tiny bit of vibration. My boat is a Hunter 31 with a 13 hp yanmar engine. The engine runs very smoothly, especially at 1,000 rpms. Between 750 to 1000 Yanmar's are a little jumpy at idle or just a little above idle until it reaches 1,000 plus rpms. Any suggestions?
Feb 6, 2010
hunter passage456 kemah
This is great news, I have owned 6 hunters , starting in 1986 when I bought a 26.5, then 1988 I bought a new 30, then in 1990 I bought a new 35.5, and in 1991 a new 37.5, 1995 I bought a new 1994 40.5. Finally in 2007 I bought a 2002 Passage 456. We lived on her from 2007-2012 in Kemah Tx then sailed her across the Gulf of Mexico to Tampa and then retired in 2012, since we have put about 12 KM on her mostly in blue water, Bahamas, and eastern Caribbean. In this time I have meet many cruisers, been on hundreds of boats, passports, Tayana, Hylas, etc. The only boat owner that I've meet that hasn't had significant issues with their boats build ... is my self. Not one issue with the build of this boat, or the 5 prior hunters I've owned , except for the 1990 35.5. The aluminum holding tan burst a seam. Hunter sent me a new tank and paid to have it installed. So I'm always intrigued by the posts on forums that go on about the shoddy build quality of hunters, or that they are unsafe outside of a lake. So I'm so glad that some of the old guard that put these boats together are still involved. If anyone wants to know about the safety or durability of these boats send them my way, I've owned one for 34!years, acutually 6 of them and I've sailed them on lakes, rivers, canals, waterways and oceans. I think I know what I'm talking about.
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
I knew Al and Joe when they first started at Hunter and there is a third person behind the scenes. However, we need to recognize everyone who gives solutions based on experience and knowledge for example the old files left at Hunter which Eddie Breeden and Jim Seamans put together, Peggy Hall, and many others who contributed to this forum. No need to acknowledge them as they are glad to help. So to the many I thank you. Personally you have two great knowledgeable people in Al and Joe.

As for ACP boats, the process was started by Dave Eck at JY Boats who worked hard to develop a process but manufacturers from time to time changed formulas and cracks appeared.

Anyway, I just wanted all of you to know there are others who give a lot and as an example I am so grateful to @rgranger and @caverun with there help on small boats.

So let’s not forget those behind the scenes who contributed to help fellow sailors
Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
I have been using this service a LOT, since the damage to my boat.
Repairing boat after Hurricane Zeta

The Dry Dock's owner [Jimmy] called my Insurance company and told them to total my boat, because the front electrical wiring had been exposed to salt water "dunk" for ≈10 minutes. So the Insurance sent Dan, the adjuster, a 2nd Time to adjust the boat.

Guess what I told both Jimmy and Dan?

I knew Al and Joe [Kerr] when they first started at Hunter
Joe Kerr actually wired every Hunter 430.

So Joe wired our boat!! :yikes::clap::dancing:

The expressions on Jimmy and Dan's faces were priceless on hearing I was talking directly with Joe Kerr!

Long story short...
No issue with the electrical wires that got dunked. Why? My team fresh water washed everything

Joe and I discussed how to redo every exposed terminal and test to ABYC standards.;)
Al even was part of the team to lay up my H430's keel too!


I think they should change the name of the service from Hunter service too.

Joe knows about wiring boats, in general, too!

How about...
Hunter 1 to One and other consults!

Put it this way...
The Admiral and I are very Happy "Boaters" using SBO services.

We highly recommend this service!

Jim and Sue...

PS: Right after I discovered that our boat had been "dunked" by the lift from land back to water [hull appeared water tight],
I did a PM with @Crazy Dave Condon.

Dave said use this service!! Thanks again Dave!!!:clap:

PSS: I will be very knowledgeable myself SOON too!:pimp:
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