Adding 2nd Shore Power Connector and Switch

May 22, 2017
Catalina 310 Lake Carlyle
Fellow Sailors
I believe this topic should have been covered in the past so sorry to bring it up again but I would like to add a second shore power connector in my anchor well so I can pull the boat forward into my slip and not have to run a 50 ft. cable. (Backing in gives a terrible view)
Is there a post to tell how to connect the cable from the new 30 amp switch/breaker to the ground isolator and cabin power panel to duplicate the rear connector & switch connections. (Rear 30 amp switch/breaker will be powered off)
Hopefully a schematic showing connections.
Where to position the new 30 amp switch/breaker in the cabin?
Where to purchase the standard round connector and the switch/breaker?
Also, my main panel has a Master Ckt. breaker and a three position main AC switch: 1) Shore Power, 2) AC Voltage off, 3) Inverter On. (This switch provides shore power isolation when using the inverter.)
Where do I position the connector in the anchor well? etc.
Frank Hines
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Jul 12, 2011
Catalina 36 1771 Ft Pierce, Florida
Here's some info on the Catalina 36 site that may be a good guide:
One of the first warnings on this thread is, if you're not very comfortable with marine 120 V AC wiring, better leave it to a pro. Doing this wrong would be an excellent way to burn your boat to the waterline or electrocuting yourself. I have this setup installed by a PO. I'm having an electrician re-do this in the winter because it was not properly isolated - when power is on in the front, the stern power connection is electrically charged.

Personally, if I were to be doing this project, I would go with a SmartPlug to avoid the fire risk.